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Dark Heresy

This section of my site covers the Warhammer 40K RPG Dark Heresy. I am currently running a campaign that has my players questing to find out the truth about the Tyrant Star. As members of the Ordo Hereticus they firmly believe it to be of a human origin.

By now the quest has progressed quite far, I think there will be a major showdown soon as the radicals and the puritans in the party slowly drop their masks...


Guild House of the Honourable Nutrisludge Cultivators: The acolytes are ordered to investigate a guild rebellion on Landunder that might have more behind it than they think.

Desecration: The   acolytes  are  called   to  investigate  the desecration  of   a   smaller  shrine   on  Kuluth,  a former hive world that has been a warzone for over 40 years. Only recently, it was discovered that the shrine contained an important document regarding  the  Tyrant   Star  and  an   acolyte   of Inquisitor Dalek was sent to recover it. However, contact   to  the  acolyte  was  lost   and   there   are incoherent tales that the shrine was attacked by a warband of Khorne. The heroes are sent out to investigate the theft and to recover both the book and the missing acolyte.

Pestbote: Pestbote is a Space Hulk that is seen as s sign of evil and whose path has recently crossed the Calixis sector. Inquisitorial libaries identify the Pestbote as a ship of Nurgle. Whenever the Pestbote shows up in a system, it dispatches derelict plague barges filled with cultists of the plague lord. When Pestbote manifests near a local star system, the acoloytes are sent to the hulk to recover an ancient tome that is stored in the temple core dedicated to Nurgle. However, when the heroes arrive, they find many of the cultists dead – victims of a Dark Eldar who has chosen hunting cultists as his personal sport.

Fenksworld Expedition: During negotiations between Interrogator Sebastian Edgelyn and a local noble, disturbing reports reach the party. Lower hive scum are swarming the upper levels of hive Nova Castillia (and in fact the other hive cities, too). As events unfold, rumours of deadly diseases and rampaging beasts reach the acolytes. Amid the chaos, they must make difficult choices - reach their star ship to get the Interrogator safely off world, help the authorities or hide until things have settled down.

Death of Martok: Acolyte Martok has committed suicide and the inquisitor wants an investigation what happened. He is extremely worried that some ancient demonic enemy is after him but does not really voice this opinion unless some really good (-20%) interaction check is made.

Death Cult on Pry 41: The acolytes are ordered to investigate a death cult called the Ashen Tear, which is rumoured to operate in the underworld of the space station at 41 Pry. They are sent as undercover agent to learn as much as possible without taking direct action. It is stressed that they are to stay undercover at any cost. Their investigation will lead them into a subculture of smugglers, xenos mercenaries, and finally a heretek assassin cult that operates from the depth of the space station and has ties to an organization bent on taking over the whole Callixis subsector.

Deathworld Mission: Inquisitor   Dalek's   radical   interrogator  Devios has   managed   to   extract   information   from  the captured eldar, which gave access to a  xenos spy network.   It  is revealed   that  the  eldar  are currently on Zel Secundus, frantically searching for something. The acolytes are sent to find out what the eldar are after as it is assumed to be a piece of information leading to the black sun.

Fake Redemption: The  acolytes   are   ordered   to  chastise   a   rather fanatical  Redemptionist  sect   that  has  started executing    nobles     and     members     of    the ecclesiarchy. However, there is more behind this case than meets the eye...

Wastes of Solomon: Mysterious heretek activity on Solomon comes at cross with the acolyte’s search for the Tyrant Star control room.

Killteam Archimedes: An elite troop of the Iron Tetrarchs sent out to hunt the acolytes and stop their search for the Tyrant Star.

Return to Fenksworld: The acolytes are sent back to Fenksworld to eradicate the headquarters of the Logicians and kill their leaders, the Iron Tetrarchs.

Iocanthus Game of Allies: On the wartorn world of Iocanthus, the heroes finally track down the elusive false man Komos.

Horror in the Hull: The Destiny, a frigate the acolytes are currently on, is sabotaged while in the warp and starts drifting. A crucial part is missing and can either be   found   again   or   must  be   rebuilt   by  a competent  tech.  Meanwhile,   an  underdeck redemption   cult  freaks   out   and   starts  burning “heretics”, unfortunately many of which will be needed to rebuilt the part.

Rise of the Tyrant Star: The tyrant star has finally risen and threatens the forge worlds of the Lathes. Inquisitor Dalek and his men are rumoured to have control of a mobile control device. There is no trace of them and the Lathes are going crazy as the Black Sun causes madness  in the  Mars  Priests and  their followers.


The maps are listed in the Maps section of this site since they are often reusable in other contexts.

Campaign Log

The story of my campaign from the point of view of the different acolytes. (In German)

  • Der Kampf gegen den Tyrannenstern in 14 Akten (TBD).
  • Geheimnachrichten Xanan.
  • Geheimnachrichten Titan.
  • Geheimnachrichten Martok.
  • Geheimnachrichten Leonard la Croix.
  • Geheimnachrichten Drake.
  • Geheimnachrichten Dante.
  • Geheimnachrichten 86150.
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